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Prophet Uebert Angel Need To Know Info

Prophet Uebert Angel Introduction And Who He Is?

Prophet Uebert Angel is the president of Spirit Embassy and is the pastor as well. He founded the church with the help of Jesus Christ. Prophet Uebert Angel’s name usually comes up with things like prophecies, signs, healings and even miracles. While some might not believe that the prophetic gifts are true Angel has often been able to give important information and names of people that are going to be affected by something.

Prophet Uebert Angel These Days


In addition to running Spirit Embassy Prophet Uebert Angel has also created several books including Taking Over the Wealth of the Wicked as well as the book I’ve Been to Heaven. His preaching shows can be seen on Faith TV as well as Miracle TV and one of the shows is called Supernatural Power. Miracle TV is one of the biggest hosts of Angel’s ministry and can be viewed online by many viewers.


Where Was The Prophet Uebert Angel Born?

Prophet Uebert Angel was born in Zimbabwe in September of 1978. During his years of growing up he relocated to the United Kingdom. After a few years in the United Kingdom he moved back to Harare in Zimbabwe and set up the headquarters for Spirit Embassy. The Spirit Embassy church was founded in March of 2007 and has spread quickly all over the world. Many people have joined the church and come from all different backgrounds including many different races, relationships with God, as well as people who come from many different working classes. The church is diverse and helps many people to learn the works of God and what God has in store for them.


If there are doubters to Prophet Uebert Angel’s prophecy knowledge they will find that their doubts are misguided. Prophet Angel predicted the Sichuan earthquake of 2008, the death of the president Joseph Kaubi who was the first president of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville as well as correctly predicting other events such as scores on a football game.


Prophet Uebert Angel has a strong family life that helps support his life with the church and his life with God. His wife Beverly Angel is the vice president of Spirit Embassy churches. The couple have four children together and they travel all over the world to the many different Spirit Embassy churches.


Learn More About The Prophet Uebert Angel Below

If you are interested in learning more about Prophet Uebert Angel and the Spirit Embassy church you can go to their website at as well as go onto Prophet Uebert Angel’s Facebook page. In both places you can learn more about the church and how you can become closer to God.